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You Don’t Have To Be Good Looking To Approach Women

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Dating To Relating For Men – Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Mr. L. Rx is the author of the popular website and the author of the popular book “Dating To Relating – From A To Z.” Have a question? Send it to Column@DatingToRelating.comand it may be selected for answer in this column. (Sorry all questions can not be answered.)

Question: I am only 5’2″ (with height increase shoes about 5’5″).  Should I not expect the same percent results using your techniques for approaching women as say an average height male?

Answer: We’ve been asked this question many times. It really doesn’t matter what you look like. Some guys find that hard to believe. Nevertheless, it is true. Personality and what you say and do will get you many more girls than your looks.

When I was 18 – 21 I was a very hot looking guy but I couldn’t get a girlfriend no matter how hard I tried. Now, balding, in my fifties I can go out with a different hot 20-30 year old woman every day of the week if I want. Why? Well, now I know what to do and what to say. Then I didn’t.

Does that mean that looks don’t count at all? No, I am not saying that. There are absolutely women who won’t go out with me JUST because I am in my fifties, or just because I am bald.

But for every one of those that I lose there are 10 or 20 that I now gain because I know what to do or say to women. You see for most women, “looks” is not the deal breaker, personality is. So… WHO CARES about looks!

Attraction is a combination of factors. So yes, a good looking guy who did everything right would probably get more women than an average guy who does everything right. However, the variation in this is so great that an average or even ugly guy who does everything right personality wise can end up with more success than a good looking guy who does everything wrong.

I would even venture to say it is more likely an average guy who does everything right can end up with 10 times as much success as a good looking guy who only gets it half right.

No one get’s everyone. In fact, there are many girls who WON’T go out with a guy who is TOO good looking. I went on a website once that gave you statistics on the number of views and clicks that each profile got. The most good-looking girls and guys only got 15% clicks. Average looking people got 5-10% clicks, and even the ugly ones got 1-2% clicks. Astounding. Being good looking is an advantage but still an overwhelming 85% of the people viewing their picture didn’t click on it. It would seem unarguably that most people are looking for something else….

Dating To Relating will teach you how to be attractive to MORE women no matter what you look like.  And guess what? Girls who don’t like old men, girls who don’t like bald men, girls who don’t like fat men, girls who don’t like short men, well that has nothing to do with their own looks. You will find hot women who like all or any of the above.

Will your percentage be as high as an average height guy? Well that depends on a number of factors, the least important of which is “how tall you are.”

Mr. L. Rx

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