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By Durk Dugan


Is He Cheating?
Is He Cheating?


(AN) What would you think if you found out your boyfriend or husband has had sex with hundreds of other women without your ever knowing?

Well according to one reformed player that is exactly what he has done, except multiply the above figure by ten and he claims to have played and cheated on thousands of women without getting caught.

His cover name is Mr. P. L. Ayer and the good news is he is reformed and now writing for the web site to help women who are being played and cheated on.

What brought about his “change of heart”? Well, he is now the proud father of two girls and he doesn’t want men doing to his girls what he had done to thousands of women.

In his soon to be released book “BUSTED: How To Spot a Player and Cheater” he goes into detail on over thirty some odd ways for women to spot and catch a cheater in the act.

Here are three clues to tell if your boyfriend or husband may be a player or cheater:

Dropped out time – Lying will get you caught. And players and cheaters like anyone else know that. So one of their favorite cover ups is to tell you something true while omitting other events. That way they don’t have to remember lies. So a man who is an hour and a half late getting home, might tell you he was caught up in traffic – true – but he doesn’t tell you he stopped off at the massage parlor to get a quickie for 30 minutes.

Be smart. Make sure the time-lines always add up. You will catch him at this sooner or later.

Quick Showers – Players often are having sex with two or three women in a day. They will often try to cover their tracks by saying they need to take a quick shower when coming to visit you. Inexperienced players will do it occasionally when they need to get the scent of another women off of them. Experienced players will establish this technique right away as a cover whether they need to or not.

If you find your boyfriend or husband doing this, be on the alert.

Early to bed – another favorite ploy of “boyfriend” players and cheaters is the early to bed routine. This one is simple. They call you at 9 pm or so, yawn while chatting to you on the phone, then say they are tired and are going to bed. This gives them the rest of the night off to see another girl.

This one is easy, call him a little later, go over for a late night surprise and see if he is there.

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