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Personal consultations are now available for both men and women from Mr. L. Rx,  Mr. B. A. Pua, and Mr. P. L. Ayer.

Mr. L. Rx

Get the benefit of Mr. L. Rx’s years of wisdom and experience. Have a personal conversation with Mr. L. Rx in which he will address your personal situation and give you advice specifically designed for you. This is a private consultation with Mr. L. Rx. His rate is $2000/per hour with a one hour minimum.

Private Phone Consulation Mr. L. Rx

Price $2000/ per hour

Mr. B. A. Pua

Mr. B. A. Pua has had sex with over 4000 women. Skilled in all areas of picking up women, his unique talent is his ability to pick up women he has never even met via Instant Messaging, texting, and chat. His rate for consultations is $500/per hour.


Mr. P. L. Ayer

Mr. P. L. Ayer is a refromed player that now writes and consults with women to protect them from unscrupulous players like himself. Mr. P. L. Ayer has sex with over 3000 women and cheated on them all without ever getting caught. If you suspect your man of cheating on you, Mr. P. L. Ayer will tell you how to BUST HIM! His rate for consultations is $500/per hour.


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