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Seduce Women To Attract Women


Dating To Relating For Men- Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Mr. L. Rx is the author of the popular website and the author of the popular book “Dating To Relating – From A To Z”. Have a question? Send it to and it may be selected for answer in this column. (Sorry all questions cannot be answered.)

Question: Mr. L. Rx, what can a guy do to “seduce” a woman on a first date – not into bed – but to attract her to make her want to go out with you again.
Answer: There are certain qualities that a man can exhibit that seduce women. If you exhibit these qualities from the first moment that you meet a woman you have a better chance of establishing a relationship with her.

1) Posture- posture is one of the first things that a woman can see -even from a distance. Stand straight. Stand tall. Women will notice you from a distance. If you don’t have good posture, start working on it. Watch actors on TV and in movies. Look at the men that women consider sexy. Look at their posture.

2) Motion – how you move, the way you move is another attribute that women can see from far away. Slower, deliberate motions are usually more seductive than fast unthought out motion. Again watch movies, look at the men that women consider sexy. How do they move? What are their motions? Observe and learn. Imitate.

3) Dress well – How a man dresses can totally be seductive to a woman. It is a statement about you and your personality. Like posture and motion, dress can be seen from far away. Different types of women like different styles. Go to the mall, go to a party, go to church, go to work and look at women you are attracted to and watch how the guys they are with are dressed.

Now the above are things that you can do to seduce women from a distance, to stand out and to be noticed from afar. As you approach a woman, as you get closer, the following attributes come into play.

4) Use your eyes, your smile – As you approach a woman, as you get a little closer, your eyes and your smile will come into play. Flirt with your eyes. Look at her and let her know you are interested. Don’t be shy and look away. Let her be the shy one. A genuine smile can be very seductive. If you like a woman, smile at her. Use it throughout your conversation but don’t overdo it. Don’t fake smile. It is better to do nothing than fake smile.

5) Be clean and well groomed – even if you have a rocker look or a biker look or whatever, be clean. No one (except other dirty people) want to get with someone who is filthy or dirty.

6) Smell good – You don’t have to use old spice or anything, but shower before you go out. Some people have body order even after they shower. Know if you are one and then use deodorant and cologne as necessary. Gargle, use breath mints. Again some people’s breath smells even after they gargle. Know if you are one.  Smoker’s breath smells and tastes horrible to a non-smoker. Some smokers even smell from as much as 20 feet away. Usually they are unaware of it. Be aware of your smell. Ask friends. Take care of all these things before you go out on a date or on the prowl. A good smell will attract and even seduce a woman.

Mr. L. Rx

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