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Places To Meet Women


Dating To Relating For Men- Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Question: Where are some of the best places to meet women besides bars and clubs?
Answer: Well anywhere and everywhere can be a good place if you know what you are doing. However, whenever you can get yourself in a position of being the only guy or one of a few guys amongst a lot of women, you will find that women become more aggressive and there is less work for you to do to meet them.

For example, I once went on a job interview to be a “steward” on an airline when there were mainly just “stewardesses”. There was myself and about 20 hot women in the room. Three of the women hit on me by the end of the introductory class we were taking.

So try to go to places that predominantly women usually go to – ballet class, knitting classes, yoga, arts and craft events. Try getting a manicure or a pedicure. Take a cooking class. Sign up for community or charity work. Take a dance class. Try browsing the romance section of a bookstore.

Anywhere where there are lots of people means there will be lots of women. So malls, grocery stores, events, supermarkets, amusement parks are also good places to meet women.

Places where there is a continuous flow of women can also be good. Places like Starbucks, or other coffee shops where you can hang out can also be a good place to meet women.

Eat alone at a diner – I have been hit on by many a waitress.  This is especially good if you come back several times and they can get to know you. Mall and stores in general are good for this reason too.  Once you see a woman that you like working in a store, it gives  you a low stress way to come back and get to know her over time.

You can also focus on the type of place that would attract the kind of women you like. If you like party girls then go to bars and clubs. If you like spiritual women, try church functions or meditation or yoga classes. If you like healthy women try gyms or health food stores. If you like artistic types try museums and art galleries.

Another obvious way to meet women who are single is to go to singles events, mingles, cruises, etc. and of course online dating sites and singles advertising sites are how I got 700 dates in one year. The advantage of single events and sites is that you don’t have to figure out if people are in a relationship or not.

The bottom line is there are women everywhere and anywhere. So if you just stay aware you can meet women anywhere. However, trying some of the above might help increase the odds.

Mr. L. Rx

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