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Mr. B. A. Pua

Mr. B. A. Pua is a featured author

on the Dating To Relating website ( – the Internet’s second most popular “dating tip” site for men with over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month), and will be conducting seminars, webinars, and bootcamps for Dating To Relating, Inc.

Having had sex with over 4,000 women, Mr. B. A. Pua is without question a master PUA.

Since the age of 4, Mr. Pua has been fascinated with members of the opposite sex. This has led him on a lifelong journey from which you can benefit. Starting in college, Mr. Pua educated himself on the subject by buying dating books wherever he could find them. Adding that to his own personal experience and listening to whatever any of his friends had to say about the subject, Mr. Pua has attained a full understanding on the subject of meeting and attracting women.

When the Internet dating scene started, Mr. Pua was introduced to it and at first almost did not pursue it because of problems he saw with the set up. But with his knowledge of women, and his desire to find a more efficient way to meet and seduce hundreds of women, Mr. Pua didn’t let the potential of the Internet go undeveloped.

Over time he has mastered the process of meeting and attracting women over the Internet for one night stands, short term flings, casual meetings for instant sex and short, medium, or long term relationships.

Mr. Pua believes that no man should be alone with the Internet available in every household that wants it and has proven and tested understanding and knowledge that he believes any man can use to start any type of relationship he wants with a woman right away.

Mr. Pua can help any man with where to look, what to look for, understanding how the process looks, how to stand out from the masses of men out there also looking in the same places you will look, and how to make sure that you only go out with the right women who are ready for what you are ready for, and how to seal the deal when you meet them to make sure that you get whatever it is that you want.

He is currently writing the book “How To Pick Up Women Via IM, Texting, and Chatrooms”

Mr. B. A. Pua writes exclusively for Dating To Relating.

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