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If She Cheats On Him, She’ll Cheat On You


Dating To Relating For Men- Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Question: My ex-girlfriend is routinely cheating on her new boyfriend with me. How do I work this to get her back?
Answer: Well, my answer to you is why would you want her back? If she cheats with you, she will cheat on you. You should drop her like a hot potato.

I am constantly amazed that there are people gullible enough to think that someone who cheats on someone else with you, would never cheat on you. Cheaters cheat! That is what they do. And if you are going to get involved with a cheater, do yourself a favor and don’t take anything they say seriously. Use them for whatever it is you want, then get the heck out of there.

A decent girl, if she did cheat with you on her new boyfriend, would immediately break up with him and go back to you. Or break it off with you again and go back to him and never do it again. Sometimes passions lead to indiscretions, but the fact that she is doing it continually speaks to a personality flaw – not an indiscretion.

Now you might be jealous and want her back, but you need to just stop and look at what you are doing. Do you really want her back, or are you just hurt and trying to get her back to feel better? Do you even like her? Did you ever like her?

I had a friend who had a mutual break up with a girl and then she got a new boyfriend real quick and he didn’t get a new girlfriend. Well even though he was okay with breaking up, he now got real jealous and wanted her back.

He would go out as “friends” and get her drunk and she would cheat on her new boyfriend with him. He did this routinely and started convincing himself that he loved her and wanted her back. (Prior to the break up he only talked about what a problem she was and how he never wanted to marry her.)

This went on for a year or two and he was obsessed with her and didn’t go out with anyone else. Finally she started cheating on the new boyfriend and him with another guy. After this he began to see her personality flaw again and eventually backed out of the whole thing a lot wiser and smarter.

He wasn’t a bad guy and didn’t cheat on her while she was cheating on the new boyfriend but all in all it was a mess.

Unless you are a player and know how to deal with such women, stay away from anyone who wants to cheat on someone else with you. It is not a good omen – just trouble.

Mr. L. Rx

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