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How To Compliment A Girl


Dating To Relating For Men- Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Question: What is the best way to compliment a girl?

Answer: Well that is an interesting question, as everyone likes to be complimented to a certain degree, but there are limits to “what is a good compliment.”

Men tend to be physically attracted to women and make a point of telling a woman that she is “hot” or “cute” or “pretty.”

Now physical compliments will be appreciated by someone who doesn’t hear them all the time, but as soon as you meet a really “hot” woman who probably gets guys telling her that she is hot 10 to 50 times a day, complimenting her on her looks will start to backfire on you.

A woman like that will tend to think guys just want sex as that is all they ever seem to notice about her – how sexy she is – and won’t be impressed by those kinds of compliments.

Notice something about a “hot woman” that is not sexual and compliment her on that and you will score many more brownie points.

For example, tell her that you noticed she dresses well and has good taste, or tell her she has a nice cheerful personality,  and if you have to compliment something about her physically, try to make it a non-sexual compliment like “you have really interesting eyes” or “nice tan”, etc. And when I say something that is a physical compliment I only say it once I don’t go on and on about it.

Whatever you do make sure it is true and sincere for you.

Now above I am talking about when you first meet someone. If a man meets a woman anywhere and within the first few minutes of meeting her, he is telling her how hot and beautiful she is, women will rightfully think he only has one thing on his mind.

As a rule, I never compliment a “hot” looking woman on her looks until the third date or so. This gives me plenty of time to establish that I like her for a lot of other reasons. But if I don’t compliment her sooner or later she might start to get a little insecure with me.

Some women, with attitudes, I will never compliment on their looks – no matter how pretty they are.

If the woman you like is not all that physically hot, then just compliment whatever you like about her. As long as it is sincere, it will be appreciated.

Mr. L. Rx

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