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Foreplay – How To Meet Women, Attract Women, And Relate To Women Sexually


A lot of guys think that foreplay is having to kiss your girlfriend or wife before she lets you have intercourse. Well a lot of guys think they are great lovers, but a lot of women have other thoughts about that…. I have different thoughts about foreplay.Foreplay

Foreplay, what is that? Good question.

Foreplay is whatever creates a little sex flow between you and your girl and holds it there in place so she and you can think about it and enjoy the build up and anticipation of what is eventually to come.

Another way of saying it is that foreplay is what “gets you or your partner ready” for the sex act. Since guys are just about biologically ready for the sex act “all the time”, guys seem to forget the value of foreplay, after all, it is something they have to do for someone else — not themselves.

Bad way of looking at it. Why? Foreplay is not just for established couples already having sex. Foreplay is what prepares a woman to have sex with you. Hence, any woman you would like to have sex with that you are NOT having sex with would require foreplay.

So foreplay has a role in meeting women, attracting women, picking up women, dating women, having a relationship with women, and making love to women.

Flirting is foreplay….

I got married at 22 to my first girlfriend, and though I had sex for 5 or 6 years before we got divorced, I never actually made love until after I broke up with and divorced my wife. Why? We were both pretty inexperienced. Looking back, we had plenty of sex, but hardly any foreplay. The first time I actually made love, I was seduced. And there was hours and hours of foreplay.

So after getting divorced, I stood around bars and clubs nightly for a month or two. After a while I started learning a few things. Then I started having sex daily (one night standers) with different women. (This was the 70’s — free love — pre-AIDS.) Man, did I get a lot of experience then. These woman taught me stuff. Stuff, I didn’t know, but now do.

One of the things I learned is that women like and need foreplay to enjoy sex. And apparently it made it a whole lot better for me too!

A Woman’s, unlike a man’s , sexual organ takes a while to physically respond to sexual stimuli and urges. Men can be ready in a minute, women take a little longer. But mentally I think men and woman are more even. Foreplay can mentally prepare either sex in such a way as to make the love making experience a whole lot better.

I feel that usually at least an hour of bedroom foreplay is a minimal amount of time to prepare myself and a woman both mentally and physically for the sex act.

But foreplay can go on longer than that….


The best kind of foreplay is Romance….you know, shopping with your girl in the mall, holding hands as you walk, having a sexy conversation and flirtation at lunch. Little kisses and touches throughout the day. Getting so turned on that you both can’t wait to go home.

Foreplay can go on for hours and hours and hours.

When you are in the bedroom, foreplay is kissing and kissing and kissing, touching, touching and touching. It can be role playing, talking about your fantasies, taking a bath or shower together, feeding each other, or watching sexy movies, or whatever other little sexy games you are into, if you are into that.

So how do you know when it is the right time to end the foreplay and start in on the sex act itself? Well, when you are young and stupid, you don’t think about anyone but yourself. You start kissing your girl and a minute later you have an erection. Two minutes later you have her clothes off and you are trying to stick it in. Why? Because your thought is “If I’m feeling it, she must be feeling it too. See she’s kissing me passionately isn’t she? She must be feeling it.” But, when you try to put it in, it won’t go, so she offers to get out the old lubricant. She does and 10 minutes later it is all over. “I didn’t have an orgasm,” she complains. “You want me to do something?” you ask, even though you are really no longer interested. “Never mind,” she says.

It is a shame how many women out there have never been made love to properly. It is amazing how many women think that lubricant is normal, have never had a vaginal orgasm, or have never experienced multiple orgasms.

MEN, good sex for woman starts with FOREPLAY. Consider this your call to duty!

So, here are some basic principles for guys in relationships (if you want to know how to use foreplay to meet and attract and pick up women, see some of my other articles):

1) Always devote at least an hour to foreplay when you are in the bedroom. And use romance as foreplay throughout the week, days, and hours leading up to the bedroom. Women like to talk. Talking (and you listening) can be a very sexy foreplay for a woman.

2) Never, never, never, try to have intercourse with a woman until her private parts are soaking wet with anticipation. If she is not wet, she is not ready. She needs more foreplay. (And actually even if she is soaking wet, she probably still wants more.)

3) Always, always, always make sure your girl has an orgasm before you do. Why? Because it is no fun having sex with someone who only takes care of themselves and then is too tired to do anything about you. If your girl has multiple orgasms then she might need to orgasm two, three or four times before you do. If you don’t know what multiple orgasms are then try some more foreplay and look up “tantra technique” on the internet. Not all women have multiple orgasms, but if you do your part right, most are capable of it.

Now these are generalizations, there are exceptions to the things I have written here. (For example, there is a small percentage of women who always need lubricant because of a medical condition.) But, if you know anything about my philosophy, from my other in depth writing, you know I am totally into situational technique. But the above is fairly consistent for about 80% of women I’ve experienced.


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