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by Durk Dugan


Abuse In One Reason
Abuse Is One Reason


Mr. L. Rx and Mr. P. L. Ayer are successful pick up artists who give advice to men about picking up women.

But now these “gurus for men” have decided to start helping the “fairer” sex by giving advice to women about men. On their popular website,, women can learn what men do to trick women, and how to bust a player who is lying and cheating on them.

Besides information on how men lie and cheat, Mr. L. Rx tells women what to watch out for and avoid in their selection of men. Here are Mr. L. Rx’s eight “No Brainers” for women from his website:

1)   If a man ever hits you or slaps you or even threatens you in a rough way – leave him immediately.

2)   If a man tries to move into YOUR apartment because he doesn’t have a job or a place to stay – drop him immediately.  Men are supposed to be the providers. Don’t ever support a man. It may seem cool for a while but in the long run you will regret it.

3)   If a man plays with you like you are one of his buddies – drop him instantly. If he can’t make the distinction between men and women, he is a real idiot.

4)   If a man doesn’t have any men friends or his men friends are a bunch of jerks – drop him immediately. There is a reason men (or good men) don’t like him.

5)   If a guy is jealous or possessive for no reason – drop him now! When people are jealous or paranoid for no reason at all, they are projecting their own moral code on you. They are saying, “If I were in that situation I would be cheating on her, so I know she is cheating on me.” Want to know if I guy would ever cheat on you? This is your biggest clue.

6)   If a guy wants a committed relationship after one date – run for the hills!!! This guy is nuts! And even if he is not acting like it now, you’ll find out the hard way sooner or later if you continue with him.

7)   If a guy walks up to you on the street and tells you how hot you are – well just mosey on away… then run for the hills!

8)   And of course, if he is married or in a relationship, drop him the minute you find out. This is the biggest “no brainer” of all. If he cheats on her, he will cheat on you. Don’t buy into his sad story of how bad she treats him and what a great guy he is. He is a liar and a cheat. Don’t find out the hard way. Just drop him.

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