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Do Guys With Money Or Looks Get All The Girls?


Dating To Relating For Men- Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Question: Mr. L. Rx, isn’t it true that guys with money and/or looks get all the girls?

Answer: Well it doesn’t hurt to have money and/or good looks. However, there are plenty of guys with money and looks that can’t get girls or can’t get the kind of girl that they want.

Money and looks are attention factors. They attract attention, but you still need to know what to do with the attention to close the deal. Money is an even bigger attention factor than good looks. Don’t believe me? Try putting an ad in a newspaper saying good looking guy is looking for a girl, then put an ad saying wealthy guy is looking for a girl.

Guess which one will get more responses?

Does that mean that women are all “gold-diggers”?

No, not at all. It just means that money is a bigger attention grabber than good looks.

So if you have money or good looks, use it to get attention, but it will not close the deal for you. That takes personality factors.

I know guys with money and or looks who can’t even get one girl, and I know guys with money or looks that get dozens of girls – but none that I would touch with a 10 foot pole. So when it comes to getting the girl we want, the playing field is leveled.

There are other ways to get attention than money and looks. Putting yourself in a position where there are lots of girls and few men will get you attention. Saying the right thing to the right personality will also get you attention.

One time I just started pounding on the bar counter top until the female bartender noticed me. Believe it or not, I got her attention and I went out with her. So you see there are many ways to get attention.

The key to all successful relationships is knowing what to do after you get that initial attention. That is when the good looking and rich guys lose any advantage they might have initially, because money and looks don’t tell you what to do next to get the kind of girl you want.

A guy who knows how to observe and communicate appropriately to the personality he is trying to meet has all the advantage after he has gotten the girls attention. That is why I can close 80-90% of the women that I meet. Because I know what to do after I get their attention.

Also an observant guy who knows how to communicate can use these skills to get attention. So you see the guy who learns how to observe and communicate has the total advantage ultimately over the good looking and rich guys. Now when a good looking or rich guy learns how to observe and communicate – watch out!

(But luckily there are a lot more women than there are good looking and rich guys who know how to communicate, so there are still plenty of women for the rest of us. )

Mr. L. Rx

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