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Best Places To Meet Women


Dating To Relating For Men- Advice By Mr. L. Rx

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Question: How and where are the best ways and places for a single guy to meet women?

Answer: A lot of guys ask me where is the best place to meet girls, or to find dates?

The answer is that once you are skilled, it is anywhere, any time, any place.

But for those who aren’t quite that skilled and for those who are very particular and are looking for a certain kind of girl, a certain age of girl, a certain type of girl, etc. this question takes on much more importance.

I use to think (like a lot of guys do) that finding dates was the hardest thing in the world to do, but after having gone on 700 dates in one year, I now think it is one of the easier things to do.  The harder question to answer, I believe, is how do you find the right girl for you?

But the question today is how and where to find dates, so the following are some good places to meet women.

Clubs and social groups – Now this is probably one of the better ways to meet women. It has a couple of advantages built in. By choosing the right club or group you can pre-qualify a woman on interests and compatibility.

Dating Clubs and Dating counselors – I have used dating clubs, dating services, and dating counselors – the services that give you personal hand picked dates as opposed to internet dating sites.

Speed Dating – This can be a fairly good way to meet people. It is quick and to the point. Of course, it depends on the membership and who is sponsoring it. But whenever you can meet a lot of people quickly it is a good idea as it is both cost and time effective.

Friends – Working your friends and even associates for leads can be very worthwhile. It is free and usually doesn’t take long. Most of the leads I have gotten this way have been superior to internet, classifieds, and dating clubs. Since it is free it is certainly worth giving it a shot. Just tell your friends what you are looking for and ask them if they know anyone who is single and would possibly be interested.

Online dating sites – for people on the go and who have a busy life style, Internet dating has certain advantages. The main one being that you can check out tons of people in a short period of time. The quality factor I find to be low with internet dating, however, as most people tend to present their best side by exaggerating or lying about their personality, their age, and their looks. This is especially true for the over 35 years old crowd.

Online and print classified and personal ads – Classified ads whether online or not,  is equal to or better than online dating sites as a way to meet women. However, again it depends on the service you subscribe to.

Social community sites – MySpace, Facebook and all the new community sites also offer a source of free internet dating. You can check out people’s profiles and place classified ads.

Mr. L. Rx

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